Non-compulsory internship programme

The Internship Programme offers supervised practical training and promotes the development of skills and the improvement of cultural and human relations, preparing students for the job market and the practical experience of professional life. The areas, courses and profiles of the internship vacancies are defined when they are opened.

The non-mandatory internship is intended for undergraduate students (bachelor's degree, technology and undergraduate) as an optional activity, added to the regular and mandatory workload. To participate in the selection process, the student must be regularly enrolled and meet the requirements described in the vacancy profile.  

The minimum duration of the internship is six months and the maximum is two years (except in the case of a disabled intern, who may do the internship until the end of the course). The workload will be from Monday to Friday, with 4 or 6 hours a day. The working hours are flexible and will be defined according to the area's needs and the trainee's school hours.

This initiative is related to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Santa Catarina:


Quality Education