ABVTEX Certification

Since 2013, Brandili has maintained ABVTEX certification, whose goal is to make sustainable fashion more accessible through an ethical, responsible, innovative, competitive and transparent production chain.

The ABVTEX Program, considered a milestone in the fight against slave and child labor in fashion retail, represents the retail sector's effort to implement the best compliance practices among its suppliers and subcontractors.

abvtex seal

Brandili Têxtil has obtained and maintained ABVTEX certification since 2013, recognizing not only its good practices in social responsibility, working conditions, ethical principles and legal compliance, but also its performance in environmental issues, transparency and business management. This is aligned with the vision of a more aware consumer and attentive to the behavior of companies, which demand a greater commitment to socio-environmental responsibility.

By encouraging the sustainable development of the value chain and the implementation of compliance rules throughout the supply chain, Brandili guarantees that all of the more than 50 subcontractors involved in the manufacture of its products are also certified by ABVTEX. These subcontractors are monitored and followed up regularly, aiming at the continuous development of this important chain.

This initiative is related to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Santa Catarina:


Responsible Consumption and Production


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Decent Work and Economic Growth